Egyptian Atlantidean Esoteric School
( Teacher Ida Di Donato )

( teacher Ida Di Donato )

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Testimonies of direct contacts with ships
and cosmic brothers


The Tulli Papyrus



The flying objects seen by Pharaoh Thutmose III

In 1934 the Egyptian papyrus known as the Tulli Papyrus was found in an antique shop in Egypt by two brothers, Professor Alberto Tulli (Director of the Vatican Egyptian Museum at the time) and Monsignor Augusto Tulli. The papyrus could not be bought because of its high price but Professor Tulli copied the text which was then transcribed from hieratic to hieroglyphics with the help of the Director of the Cairo Museum, Abbot E. Drioton.

The papyrus narrated a series of sightings of mysterious objects in the sky as seen by Pharaoh Thutmose III (-1504 1459 a.c .) and many of his subjects. The papyrus contained many deletions, as did the original document, in crucial parts of the text. These deletions seemed deliberate, almost as an attempt to make the incident incomprehensible.



the twenty-second day of the third month of winter, at the sixth hour of the day, the Scribes, the Archivists and the Annalists of the House of Life noticed a ring of fire… . A foul odour came from the mouth, but it had no head. Its body measured one perch by one perch¹ and was silent. And the hearts of the Scribes and the Archivists were terrified and confused and they threw themselves down onto the dust on their stomachs… they then reported the fact to the Pharaoh. His Majesty ordered … it was examined… and he was meditating on what had happened, that it was recorded in the scrolls of the House of Life. Now, after some days had passed, these things became more and more numerous in the sky over Egypt. Their splendour exceeded that of the sun and they came and went freely to the four corners of the sky… .

These rings of fire came and went high and wide in the sky. The Pharaoh’s army watched for a long time with the King himself. This happened after dinner. Then these rings of fire ascended even higher into the sky and headed south. Fish and birds then fell from the sky. Never in the memory of man had a great phenomenon been seen on this earth… and the Pharaoh had incense brought to make peace with Earth… and the Pharaoh ordered that what had happened be written and kept in the Annals of the House of Life so that it be remembered for all posterity…” ¹ It was round and measured about fifty metres.