Ezoterická Egyptsko – Atlantidská škola
( ucitel Ida Di Donato )

( Ucitel Ida Di Donato )

K N I H Y :
Svedectví prímých kontaktu s lodemi a
kosmickými bratry


Communication to Ida Di Donato - 1st of October 1991


Any purpose could be achieved without the Lord, reason of making it, it be true for the same reason of his natural being all what is in the all creation. I wonder because of his wishes. I, being a man or a woman who can need or wondering this just because of his realty of being the all reason of the only reason of my request. We hope to tell you the things which He would like us, the wanting of all of us to tell you properly and clearly. We are in this plane of love which is our dimension, we, here, you and all the human beings in this one where you are spending your time now. The eternity is something real and in human behaviour can be achieved very easily in respect of the law of his Creator. In the eternity there are chances of being his creatures, yours brothers, let us call us, and you. We are all in One. One in the infinite kinds of his creative opportunities of giving to his power of love, changing ways of being in his creation.

The all is One, in the One there is the All, the eternity the infinite the multidimensional creation of beings part of One, One in many infinite spaces, dimensions in his eternity where He is alive and is bringing universal law of Love, huge purpose, the main of the Creation. The good is in all, because all is perfect, so that no one could never send to His Lord any thought of unrespectable disappointment towards the lord, who is the only One, the Lord. In the main state of this creation. the law is the same, no matter referring to the law of physics or mathematics in human dimension. The Lord is believing, faith, all forgiveness to the one who looks up at him if his main aspiration is to honour him as the greatest original source of the all in the eternity.

We are telling you all these words because of our love, because we feel to be your brothers and sisters and we are have come to help you because we are all in one, all together. Let us tell you that changes are basically laws of the Universe, but as you know nothing is never destroyed but renewed because all is His power, His energy his souffle, His strength, His love, kindness, eternity and multidimensional state of being part of this. All which is unbelievable but through the help of your faith, let yourself discover the Truth of it. Doesn’t matter if you. want to achieve something which is impossible to be achieved with the help of human science, let yourself that you are the One who can, because you. are part of it, because belong to it, because you could come again in the Universal Consciousness which is either part of you. No words could never exactly express the beauty of the multidimensional Universe, no mind could it pass it throughout which is human mental imperfect power, because the main key to get through is the discovering the key of Love.

Only His power only the Love key can open those doors, which ere eternal because the key of the Universe, infinite dimensions, is the love motion, the Love, being part of it, feel it end wanting and keeping so deeply in personal achievement during our human life so that our atomic composition can be deeply transformed as the wind blowing. It is quite difficult to explain that we are in other dimension while our messenger is writing there what we are telling her to write, but this is possible as many other cases in the human history can explain to you. It is because Lord let us to do it now and we did it before and we hope we could be so generous to let us do it again. Our purpose is to invite you to be more friendly with all the other human beings, because you are sharing not all the Earth only, but the Universe.

We are here in dimension which you could call different, but doesn't matter the way it looks like, because you too, my human brothers and sisters, will have to come to when time will be decided for your essence of divine creation to come end have a different dress here, for example. The kind of clothes we are wearing now are green, yes just green, but you can see my brothers your sisters, looking up the sky sometimes, where the aircraft of our space appear in the air of the Earth. No one of us has wishes, or intend to do any harm, but our main purpose is to remind you. we ere part of the huge infinite Universe, we ere all the same child of the only God, we ere all in One, One in all of us let us share this Universe in Love Peace and helpful intention of giving to each one of us the Love end help end joy ness of life which we deserve.

The reason of our being in it, in the infinite, is one of the main reason to find out, to discover during our life time no matter how long it could take to you, in the eternity you will find it end join in the happiness of feeling the Universe your home, the multidimensional brother end sister who share it with you. When you will break your painful limited conscience of mental restriction, when you’ll feel the heritage of the Universe, being part of it, the purpose of your life, then you will be truly free. Closing your eyes doesn’t mean seeing nothing, but it means "see" using your hearth doesn’t mean being stupid, but opening the area of your conscience which is universal and moving in it, means being aware that you are eternal. Brothers, sisters, all together, in One, made the same energy, the love in action, substantial force keeping in his strength eternity.

Loving, caring, believing, helping, take care of the all because you are part of the all which is the changing part of the all which is the changing power of one eternal strength. Forgiveness, is a law in the Law, his main law because we can reach unbelievable place and dimension in the Universe because of this law. Sending to the all Universe an impulse of joy, of thanks, of mercy, of glory, of his Creator, means to be in harmony, loving end peace with the all and his Master. He gave you the all, the all is yours because you belong to it, is your home either here in this plane. Millions and millions of stars are looking at you now and other beings ere there, your brothers and sisters hoping you finally recovering your ancestral essence of being part of it, as they are, either in different places and dimensions of the Universes.

Look at them, open your eyes through the help of your heath, love and peace caring believing, should be the key action of your life time. If your mind could be as open as the sky, you would never act differently. How could you act in a different way? The power of Creation is so extraordinary apart from human mental mystery, that he deserves you the chance of discovering changing slowly, through the passage of multidimensional stage of conscience, the unforgettable light of this Creation. Sound and Light precious gifts to the one who can see and be aware of being part of it in the eternity.

Wonderful and unbelievable state of consciousness are the state of being pert of each dimension where are brothers sisters wearing dresses of light end energy different from yours. We wont to help you to share all this, being aware of it, trying and teaching you how to do it. No matter how long it will take, you deserve to reach this state of being, this awakening because we love you as brothers end sisters. Don’t try to produce anything believing that you are the master, the closer, the best, neither in your field, because only One in the Universe Is the Master, who contains all the energies who can drive them, who created them. You could never understand him, who is the One, the All, you can honour Him, feeding the mastery of His creation, wanting to preserve it; many universes ere around you, many dimension look at them as they are, including yours.

We could tell you that the pest is now, the present is now, the future is now, because we were in the pest as you ere now and we'll be in the future because our dimension is eternity. Join us in this belief, get across the limited reach of your mental interference, feel in your heart that you are in One, in the All, inspire the breeze of the energy, look at the beauty of the open sky, the first door of the multidimensional of this Creation. Love and hope, help and forgive, be glad and honour, serve and go though the time of this life, join the fraternity of all the Universe, love us as we love you because we are all in love of the love of his Creator.