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Ezotericna Egipatsko Atlantidjanska Skola
( Ucitelj Ida Di Donato )

( Ucitelj Ida Di Donato )

K N J I G E :
dokaz o kontaktu sa kozmickom bracom


( Ova stranica je ceka prijevod )
1968 - Walter Rizzi up meets the Extraterrestrials

"On July, near the I Pass Of Gardena (Bolzano Italy) I was in the car at 12 p.m. The time was very bad and there was fog. I stopped and belt asleep. One our later I woke up and I smelt a strange smell. I went out of the car to check, and saw at 400 meters a strong shine, an object, a form of disk with a transparent dome on the summit, it had a diameter of around 80 ms.

I saw on the right of the disk a robot with three legs and four arms. the light was strong but it didn't bother. Half meter away from the disk there was a transparent wall wich prevented me to go on walking. Suddenly from the center of the ufo a door opened, there was an orange light. In the center of the light I saw a being going down. He had a silvery overall and a trasparent helmet.
This being came near to me and I hasked him some questions... who he was... and more. I received an answer. We were using telepathy. He/she told that he/she from another galaxy. He/she was looking for champions of earth, vegetation and minerals. He/she told me that their planet is ten times greater than ours, and they primarily fed of vegetables.
He told me that the cosmic law, avoid any interference on any planet, and that in the next future on the planet earth, there will be a catastrophe wich will modify the 80% of the actual surface of our planet. The consequence will be that only a small part of living beings they will be able to survive on a safe part of this planet.
He had an adherent overall, the head bigger than ours, specially the upper part, the eyes big and oblique, nose and ears very small, the arms longer than ours, short brown hair, the skin green olive clear. He/she was around a meter and sixty.


He/she explained me that the disk moved using the energy of the solar systems and magnetic fields of the planets. Traveling in iper-space they went everywhere. In brief time then he went up again on the same disk, the light disappeared, and an invisible strength pushed me faraway. He/she lifted an arm because he was leaving at great speed. I was trying to photograph some of the signs left there by the UFO's three feet on the ground, in the circle of two meters where the UFO was standing before, the grass had became mutch more taller than the other grass, on the ground around.

I hope that soon, people will be sure that we are small and miserable in the presence of the universe, and that there are marvelous creatures that live in the other planets in the universe in full harmony with God Father of all."

Walter Rizzi

Source (1978) "Radio N0RD"- Bolzano and RAI ONE (Italy).
This is a story of the meeting and conversation, happened on Gardena 1968 (Italy). Walter Rizzi reported it ten years later and it had a great diffusion all over. He had conferences, lectures and published a book.