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Ezotericna Egipatsko Atlantidjanska Skola
( Ucitelj Ida Di Donato )

( Ucitelj Ida Di Donato )

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dokaz o kontaktu sa kozmickom bracom


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Intervju: Ida di Donato
( edited by Paolo Buttiglieri )


Ida Di Donato, a channel between visible and invisible worlds (brothers of other worlds ) has been serving the Egyptian-Atlantidean initiative tradition over many live times. At Christmas time, 1988, Ida recounts, I realized that I was a channel. I had reached a point in my existence where I was willing to give up my life - without knowing how - to help others. I had always been searching: for God; who I am; where I come from. In the beginning, using reason, I tried to find God, my search was fruitless until Christmas Eve. For the first time in my life, I was spending this most sacred night alone. At that moment I was 33 years old, I was divorced and I was living in Rome with my 9 year- old daughter. That night she wasn't home, since she had gone to visit her grandparents. In the middle of the night, while I was sleeping, says Ida, I woke up with a start because the lights in the house were flashing on and off as if somebody were playing with them. The stopped only when I placed my feet on the ground in the act of standing up.

Then the TV started flashing, just like the lights. I was scared, but curious nonetheless. And when I sat down in front of my TVI found myself watching the opening credits for a movie about Egyptian Pharaohs. As I started to become engrossed in the film I noticed the room filling with a violet light. Then, she swears she saw, ethereal blue lightening bolts connecting all the objects in the room. Suddenly I was lifted by invisible hands a metre above the floor. When this soft and indescribable force had released me, I wacthed as a large Star of David was inscribed on the ground next to me. At the points of the white triangle (the other one, was not lit) three white candles appeared, already burning. That force, Ida Di Donato continues, the one that lifted me off the couch, then transported me inside the white triangle and had me kneel, with my palms facedown, touching the earth. Then this same force impelled me to stand up, where I immediatelly felt an energy, like an electric current, passed through me from my feet to my head. While this was happening, I felt my heart expanding, bursting its confines. giving me the impression that I had sprouted wings. I felt like I was floating in the universe, moving like a snake.

The whole time, I was crying, terrorized. Then I saw a being, about two metres tall, dressed like an ancient Egyptian. His head began a series of rapid transformations, which centered on a falcon's head, interspersed with that of a human, and that of a dog. The entity before me had reddish-brown skin and wore a white skirt; I also noticed he was wearing jewels engraved with the symbols of The Divine Knowledge. At this point, other entities from other worlds appeared on the wall behind him to assist in the ritual. When it was over, this incredible force released me: I was there sitting at my desk and all of a sudden water began pouring out of each and every one of my orifices. A voice inside me, neither masculine nor feminine, told me to write, because that work was not forbidden to me. My hand became a violet light, and began to write automatically.

The entity, having come from Atlantis, had been deified in Egypt and given the name of the falcon (HORUS). All that night, with him next to me in the red falcon's shape, I saw myself as a reincarnated high priestess from Atlantis and Egypt. The nex morning woke up with ancient Egyptian chants singing in my head. In Rome a voice inside me asked if I wanted to carry the weight of others.