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( Ucitelj Ida Di Donato )

( Ucitelj Ida Di Donato )

K N J I G E :
dokaz o kontaktu sa kozmickom bracom


( Ova stranica je ceka prijevod )
Summary from the newspaper "La Sicilia" dated 23rd September 1958:
title and sub-title on 4 columns


"Yet another extraordinary fact for which there are no explanations. Going around New York are seven men with a green skin. Tall, slender, all similar to each other, with an intelligent and severe face, dressed in strange clothes: they did not reply when questioned and they then disappeared in various directions.

The text narrates that seven individuals had appeared in a central area of New York, and were seen by a crowd of citizens. Tall, slim, with an intelligent face, dressed in long tight-fitting trousers, a long, wide jacket without buttons, with sleeves up to the mid forearm, covering two dark cuffs, with a robot-opening on the chest which put in evidence some white incomprehensible figures; they wore a helmet on their head with a flat rigid brim. This clothing would have been enough to attract the curiosity of passers-by. But it was the colour of their skin, green, strong and luminous which rendered them extraordinary. And not less phenominal was their resemblance.

People looked at them and ignored them, but the strange beings continued on their way, managing to make way with their severe impressiveness and their calm gait. The most persistent onlookers went up to them, tormenting them with questions and finally tried to obstruct them and to clutch them. But the seven men carried out a detour and avoided the onlookers. Then the sound of the police’s siren was heard. In that precise moment the seven men took different directions and without even running, managed to lose their tracks. Who were they?

This is the summary that other newspapers probably did not dare to publish. But the news was real. It was then confirmed to me from information obtained from the United States. Once again then, it had been possible to hide such an important incident from the public opinion of the world! A manifestation that was certainly "wanted" in that particularly dangerous period: due both to the atomic experiments in the stratosphere ("Argus project") as well as the situation in the Far East which was beginning to inflame the world. In fact, towards the end of September, the press started to talk of flying saucers