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Ezotericna Egipatsko Atlantidjanska Skola
( Ucitelj Ida Di Donato )

( Ucitelj Ida Di Donato )

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The patterns of these sacred artworks are derived from what are popularly called "crop circles". The phenomenon has existed for at Ieast hundred years The designs we are bringing to you were imprinted by an unknown source in wheat and barley flelds in southern England, between 1991 and 2002. Although their genuineness as a non-human creation is not understood by most people, those who do know call the appearance of the designs the most awesome thing that ever has happened to humanity. We are being visited and signaled. Scientific analyses of the plant materiai and soil in Crop circles leaves no debate about this. That there is so little recognition of this is as astonishing as the very existence of these artorks executed from another dimension. Researchers who study the phenomenon suggest that the designs, most of which are constructed using sacred geometiy - notably also used in the construction of great cathedrals, like Chartres and the Parthenon -- have healing powers. Live with these heautiful pieces and see your life come into greater harmony.

For more informations:

http://mightycompanions.org/cropcircles (in inglese)
e-mail to contact : suzanne@mightycompanions.org
Link for crop circles alternative site : http://www.WhatOnEarthTheMovie.com
Forum Facebook for "What on Earth" movie funs : http://tinyurl.com/ln6yay

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Some images of crop circles

click on each image to enlarge them. you can search for more website about cropcircles on the research motors. webmaster 's advice -avoid false video and grafic cropcircles images. the ones here are real and certified. search for more on  Yahoo  and  Google